Event: Smart Water Management Workshop

Knowledge Brochure Series - Issue 5 Smart Waste Management

21 March 2018

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ADB, Korea Water and Wastewater Works Association (KWWA), and Seoul Urban Solution Agency (SUSA) co-organized this three-day Smart Waste Management workshop during Water Korea 2018 (21-23 March 2018). KWWA is a public agency under the Ministry of Environment consisting of more than 170 water providers, 340 companies, 20 associations and local government groups. SUSA is a dedicated entity to share and provide integrated urban solutions to cities in need of Seoul’s experience in urban sustainable development. The workshop was designed to learn from Korea’s experiences in wastewater and solid waste management, focusing on key technologies, success factors and policy implications through presentation of case studies, interactive discussion, and site visits. Participants included ADB staff and government counterpart staff from ADB Developing Member Countries (DMCs). 

Type of Content: 
Learning Event