Sudokwon Landfill Site Management

16 May 2017
Author / Speaker: 
Yun Song Hyun, Korea Water Resources Corporation
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The Sudokwon Landfill offers smart technology solutions and best practices in solid waste management that can be adopted in other countries the region.

Sudokwon began with a clear vision for the landfill in the future, the Dreampark, and is working toward achieving that vision, following environment-friendly landfill management processes.

The Sudokwon Landfill Site is a world-class waste treatment complex. The facility includes a landfill site, a 50-MW landfill gas power plant, and an environmental energy town that produces energy of about 2.61 million Gcal annually. The site covers 20 million square meters, with an 18,000-ton daily capacity. It is one of the finest examples of environmentally sound regional landfill site management, where reclaimed landfill is being used to create an eco-park.

Urban Development,
Agriculture and Natural Resources
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Korea, Republic of,
Regional - Asia
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Learning Event