Prefeasibility Study on Landfill Upgrading Design Build Operate Contract: Mahasarakham, Thailand

01 December 2016

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The Asian Development Bank (ADB) implemented a regional technical assistance, TA 8566: Mainstreaming Integrated Solid Waste Management in Asia, to conduct an assessment of solid waste management practices in five case study cities in Asia and to provide recommendations and best practices that can guide municipalities, ADB project officers and others on how to improve proper waste management and achieve a clean, livable city.

A primary focus of the TA is proposing a project that ADB could support and finance. For Mahasarakham, Thailand, one of the five cities under the TA, the prospect is upgrading its present dumpsite into a modern landfill.

This prefeasibility study focuses on the potential outsourcing of designing and constructing the landfill upgrade followed by long-term operation. It is hoped that outside professional management will help bring multi-project experience of successful landfill implementation and operation from elsewhere in Thailand and that financial contractual incentives tied to detailed objective performance standards will properly motivate ongoing achievement.

The purpose of this prefeasibility study is to summarize and preliminarily assess key commercial and technical issues for the proposed private sector Design-Build-Operate contract model for short term capital intensive upgrading improvement and long term operation of Mahasarakham’s existing landfill. This report should be read together with the Solid Waste Action Plan which features a proposed terms sheet and bid parameters for this contract. This study acts as a pre-cursor to a Final Full Feasibility Study along with fully developed Prequalification and Bidding Documents inclusive of a Draft Detailed Contract, which could follow on from this TA.

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