Event: 5th International Conference on Eco-Compensation and Payments for Ecosystem Services

China Carbon Trading Mechanism and Potentials

25 November 2016
Author / Speaker: 
Zhihong Wei, Tsinghua University

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Prof. Zhihong Wei of Tsinghua University introduced the carbon trading market in the PRC. Two carbon trading mechanisms have been established in the PRC—(i) the “GHG voluntary emission reduction trading” (CCER) founded in 2012, and (ii) the “carbon emission rights trading” (CCERT) proposed by end of 2014. He briefly discussed the background and major targets, carbon trading procedure, current trends, and linkage between the two mechanisms. The CCER has been operating smoothly for the past 4 years, with over 2,500 projects published until 13 November 2016; among them, 861 projects were successfully ratified, of which, 254 had their emission reduction quantity ratified. The CCERT has almost completed its pilot runs and preparation process, and will be moving into its second phase (i.e., initiating carbon emission rights trading around the country). The current carbon quantity and carbon trading statistics, carbon trading short-run forecast, and remaining key tasks were also presented.

Geographical Focus: 
China, People's Republic of
Type of Content: 
Learning Event