Event: 5th International Conference on Eco-Compensation and Payments for Ecosystem Services

Development of Feasible Indicators for Restoration of Watershed Services

24 November 2016
Author / Speaker: 
Mark Kieser, Kieser & Associates, LLC

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Effective watershed management must critically recognize a variety of conditions and factors that influence or impair desired watershed services in order to devise and implement effective restoration plans. Impairments must be quantitatively defined in the context of the setting, impediments, desired improvements, and interventions to allow for identification of solutions, prioritization of cost-effective options, and implementation of well-defined and effective actions that lead to measurable outcomes. Establishing defensible watershed indicators or “metrics” from the outset of watershed restoration activities is essential for achieving real progress towards goals, particularly where funding is limited and problems are large. This presentation by Mark Kieser focused on establishing reasonable and feasible watershed metrics that can address issues relating to water quality or water quantity services delivered by watersheds. Examples from Water Funds in Lima, Peru and Beijing, PRC were used to illustrate the strategic effectiveness of establishing appropriate indicators to address identified needs.

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