Water Solutions and Experiences from Taipei,China

16 March 2018

Three engineers from water-related companies from Taipei,China will share knowledge and experiences in implementing solutions for water supply and sanitation. Case studies will be presented on utilizing the latest water treatment technology, contract management of wastewater treatment projects, and experiences in dam safety evaluation.

Program and Learning Materials: 
Date Session / Activity Presentation Material Speaker(s)
16 Mar 2018 Presentation Advanced Water Treatment Technology
The Taiwan Water Corporation (TWC) is one of the biggest water companies in the world. It is a state-owned company that produces 8.6 million...
Chun-Ming Kuo
16 Mar 2018 Presentation Experiences in Dam Safety Evaluation
The monitoring and evaluation of dam safety should be highly prioritized by any country. In this presentation,  Taipe,China...
Alex Lin
16 Mar 2018 Presentation Contract Management of Wastewater Treatment Projects
There are more than 110 public waste water treatment plants (WWTP) in Taipei,China. Management of these WWTPs have provided valuable knowledge...
Kuan-Chih Tsai