Training on Geographic Information System Applications

16 October 2017 to 20 October 2017

As urban areas in the Asia and Pacific region are facing a number of development challenges, i.e., responding to the needs of rural-urban migration and impacts of natural hazards, city governments need to learn how to use planning tools to aid planning and decision making. But not all cities in the region, especially small- and medium-sized cities have the financial and human resource capacity to acquire and use such tools like geographic information system (GIS) and satellite imagery for city planning and management. 

ADB, as an institution supporting the growth of small- and medium-sized cities in the region, is also now realizing the need to somehow fill this void on the capacity to use spatial technologies like GIS in its work with its developing member countries (DMCs). To institutionalize innovative application of spatial information and GIS/information and communication technology for sustainable and resilient infrastructure, ADB is working closely with international institutes/agencies such as Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, European Space Agency, and the Center for Spatial Information Science at the University of Tokyo. 

This training is part of the 2017 work plan of ADB’s Urban Sector group, and is expected to contribute substantially to the ADB management's directive on using high-level technologies in the design and implementation of projects, as well as in providing capacity-building activities for the DMCs.

ADB Organizer: 
Urban Sector Group
Partner Organization: 
University of Tokyo
Event Coordinator: 
Capacity Development,
Urban Development
Program and Learning Materials: 

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