Knowledge: What Our Stakeholders Really Want

20 August 2015

ADB's Carolyn Dedolph Cabrera, Andrea Stojanov, and Patrick Vermeij shared what stakeholders say is most important to them when interacting with ADB, both now and in the future. The Knowledge Portal Team at ADB shared the exciting results from the recent Top Task Survey. The discussion focused on how to better share ADB’s knowledge by prioritizing what it does—and what it stops doing.

This event is part of ADB's in-house Insight Thursday lecture series.​

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20 Aug 2015 Presentation Knowledge: What Our Stakeholders Really Want
What do ADB’s stakeholders really want from ADB? How can ADB respond better? View the result of ADB’s top tasks survey conducted in ...
Andrea Stojanov, Carolyn Dedolph Cabrera, Patrick Vermeij