Green Equity and Financing

11 October 2017

Learn about the untapped potential for state-owned enterprises (SOEs) as a vehicle for social and environmental responsibility.
SOEs account for a large contribution to industrial output (for e.g. 25-30% in China) and high employment (e.g. 1.5 million people in Viet Nam) across the Asia-Pacific region. SOEs often continue to utilize polluting and out-of-date production processes, and urgently need reforms in their management, production processes, and product quality to remain sustainable. The key development challenge, therefore, is how to bridge the technological, governance, and bankability structures in SOEs for them to leverage green equity and debt from capital markets. For this, SOEs need corporate governance reforms coupled with access to finance and incentives to “green” their production infrastructure.

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Governance Thematic Group
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Governance and Public Sector Management,
Social Development and Protection
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11 Oct 2017 Presentation Catalyzing Green Finance: Blending and Leveraging Sovereign Finance for Financially- and Environmentally-Sustainable Infrastructure Projects
The need to green all finance and not just bonds means financing of investments that provide environmental benefits in the broader context...
Anouj Mehta
11 Oct 2017 Presentation Green Financing Challenges and Opportunities in the People's Republic of China
While governments around the world including that of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) has committed to greening the economy, meeting ...
Ying Qian
11 Oct 2017 Presentation Pacific, Climate Change, and State-Owned Enterprises
State-owned enterprises (SOEs) in the Pacific provide core public infrastructure services but its support of climate change adaptation has...
Emma Veve
11 Oct 2017 Presentation State-Owned Enterprises' Engagement with Capital Markets Anna Charlotte Schou-Zibell