Exploring Opportunities for Blockchain Technology in Financial Inclusion and Sustainable Development

23 May 2018

Blockchain technology is slowly transforming how organizations conduct business. It helps establish and maintain a continuously growing record of transactions, called distributed ledgers, that can be linked and distributed among a network of participants. While blockchain is now used successfully in bitcoin digital currency, it can also potentially assist non-financial sectors such as governance, healthcare, cyber security, and automobiles, among others.  This learning event aims to increase participants' awareness and understanding on blockchain to enable them to pursue projects using this new technology to foster inclusion and sustainable development.

ADB Organizer: 
Finance Sector Group
Program and Learning Materials: 
Date Session / Activity Presentation Material Speaker(s)
23 May 2018 Welcome Remarks
23 May 2018 Session 1 Blockchain Foundations: Core Features of Blockchain Technology and Use Case Design Implications
23 May 2018 Session 3 Identity: Communal and Distributed Identity Solutions (including live demonstration)
23 May 2018 Session 4 Anti-Money Laundering/Counter Terrorism Financing Implications
23 May 2018 Session 5 Cybersecurity
23 May 2018 Stream 1 Money Remittance and Social Transfers
23 May 2018 Stream 1 Health Care
23 May 2018 Stream 1 Capital Markets
23 May 2018 Stream 2 Land Titles and Government Registries
23 May 2018 Stream 2 Agriculture Value Chain and Food Safety
23 May 2018 Stream 2 Supply Chain and Provenance
23 May 2018 Discussion Opportunity Scoping
23 May 2018 Conclusion