Evidence-based Governance Matters in Asia

27 October 2017

Daniel Kaufmann, president and CEO of the Natural Resource Governance Institute, presented the global, regional, and country-level aspects of governance, the results, and implications of the recently launched 2017 Resource Governance Index (RGI), and concrete governance initiatives such as the Extractives Industry Transparency Initiative.

Drawing on a large body of worldwide evidence and experience in governance, corruption, rule of law, and civic space around the world, the presentation discussed issues where further work is needed while addressing these questions:

  • What are key insights from the latest evidence and experience on governance around the world and for the Asia region and countries, in particular?
  • How can new diagnostic assessments like the 2017 RGI help countries identify the challenges and opportunities for reform in resource-relevant countries?
  • What does the evidence tell regarding key strengths and weaknesses in national level and extractives sector governance?
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Governance Thematic Group
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Governance and Public Sector Management
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