Crafting Compelling Messages

02 June 2017

This installment of the Knowledge Sharing Webinar Series discusses the importance of crafting catchy messages that can hook target audiences.

Framing your ideas as compelling messages helps you get the attention of key stakeholders.  Creating a compelling narrative makes them want to work with you to make change happen. This webinar aimed for the participants to:

  1. Learn why messaging is important;
  2. Learn the 4 C’s for creating compelling messages;
  3. Practice developing a message;
  4. Learn three steps to crafting a narrative that makes people want to work with you to make change happen; and
  5. Learn about two case studies in which government leaders used influencing skills to create change.
ADB Organizer: 
Sustainable Development and Climate Change Department
Event Coordinator: 
Capacity Development,
Climate Change,
Disaster Risk Management,
Governance and Public Sector Management,
Knowledge Management
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02 Jun 2017 Webinar Crafting Compelling Messages - Knowledge Sharing Webinar Series [ Multimedia ] [ Slides ] Tim Ward and Teresa Erickson discuss strategies for framing ideas into compelling messages to get stakeholders' attention. Tim Ward, Teresa Erickson