Asia-Pacific Railway Innovations Forum 2019

21 May 2019 to 24 May 2019
Mandaluyong City

The level of railway technology varies greatly throughout developing Asia and the Pacific, but is often ancient in terms of railway infrastructures, systems, and rolling stock. New technologies in the digital sphere, from control systems to data gathering, create an immense opportunity, but at the same time the agony of choice as countries must sort and prioritize which technologies are the most appropriate in their specific, national case.

The Forum will discuss the future of railway systems in developing Asia and the Pacific with respect to the new and disruptive technologies of the Fourth Industrial or “Digital” Revolution. Through various lectures, dicsussion sessions, and knowledge sharing opportunities, the event will address a number of key questions about the future of the railway sector, including:​

  • Railway system technologies and technology levels that are economical and financial sustainable for system specific operation requirements and an expected traffic demand;
  • New disruptive technologies that can be considered for specific and unique urban/national railway development plans;
  • Whether investment in common railway systems are sustainable and advisable, or would it be more appropriate to skip high capital investments in potentially soon outdated technologies;
  • Technical opportunities that will safeguard a sustainable high performance and quality of railway services;
  • Performance incentives schemes that are best suited for private sector involvement, considering the complexity of maintaining and operating railways.

Registration to attend the Forum closes on 26 April 2019.

Program and Learning Materials: 

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