Applying Big Data to Public Service Delivery

23 July 2018

Experts from the Philippines, Singapore, and the US shared their experiences on the use of big data and other disruptive technologies, and how these have been applied to public service delivery projects and programs.

Program and Learning Materials: 
Date Session / Activity Presentation Material Speaker(s)
23 Jul 2018 Presentation OnTrackPH: Driving Data on Philippine Roads and the Path Forward
Stef Sy, CEO of Thinking Machines presented OnTrackPH - a big data machine learning and natural language processing algorithm - that enabled...
Stephanie Sy
23 Jul 2018 Presentation Disruptive Technology: Revolutionizing Access to Finance by SMEs
Kaushal Jhalla presented on the emerging role of disruptive technologies, as well as challenges to adaptation at scale specifically around...
Kaushal Jhalla
23 Jul 2018 Presentation Geotagging: An Innovative Tool To Enhance Transparency and Supervision
Noel Sta. Ines at the Asian Development Bank discussed the use of geotagging and high-resolution satellite imagery to track and visualize...
Noel Sta. Ines