Cavin Shin

U Learning
Profile / Bio: 

Cavin Shin is the Chairman of Technical and Business Advisory Board and Secretary general of Project EEO BULT in NSDevil co., Ltd. in South Korea. Mr. Shin is a graduate of Inje University where he received a BA in Computer engineering (Network). He founded NETSOLUTE Co., Ltd. in 2002 and operated the company for over 10 years as a C.E.O. Moreover, Mr. Shin has been working on the UBT/u-learning TF with diverse countries such as Viet Nam, Indonesia, Nepal, Philippines, and Mongolia for several years. Mr. Shin has published several research papers and reports in both national and international journals and gave special lectures in several programs with international organizations such as APEC HRD WG. On Dec-2017, Korean National Health Personnel License Institute converted paper based EMT (Emergency medical technician) license exam to exam based on SBT(UBT) which he developed.