About Us

k-Learn is an online repository of knowledge from ADB learning events.

The Asian Development Bank regularly conducts conferences, seminars, and training programs on the development challenges and efforts in Asia and the Pacific. These events produce learning materials that offer a wealth of technical knowledge. 

k-Learn captures this knowledge in flexible formats—case studies, research papers, slide presentations, online courses, videos, photos, infographics—and stores them in one place so that you can easily search, filter, and access them for sharing and reuse.  

k-Learn covers a wide range of topics.

k-Learn shares knowledge that covers the following topics: 

ADB administration and governance
Governance and public sector management
Regional cooperation and integration
ADB funds and products
Social development and protection
Agriculture and natural resources
Capacity development
Industry and trade
Urban development
Climate change
Gender equity
Private sector 

k-Learn is mobile.

k-Learn lets you grab content whenever, wherever, and with whatever. You can easily access k-Learn using phones, tablets, laptops, or desktop PCs.  You can search or retrieve learning materials and convert search results to excel. You can also create printer-friendly versions of its pages or display selected materials in galleries. All these features make it easier for you to access content for sharing and reuse, even while you’re on-the-go.

k-Learn is free.

In k-Learn, all materials are free for you to use in full or in part, but not for profit and with attribution to the author. 

Authors of all the materials in this website grant ADB the right to make their work available online as an open access publication in k-Learn. Copyright remains with the author, who is responsible for the accuracy of the data used / information cited in the material. You should seek their written permission for all forms of copies, reproductions, adaptations, and translations of any material, through mechanical, electrical, or electronic means.